About Us - Nourishality

About Us - Nourishality

Nourishality was built based on relationships, trust, integrity, and honesty. Our mission is to create a “fast clean fuel” and a "super power meal-replacement" superfood with "high ingredients diversity" that nourishes every cell in the body and builds diversity in gut microbiome hence bring the individual to a higher state of health. Our vision is to replace empty-calorie candy bars with these nutrition-packed energy balls in every child's lunch box, in every family's kitchen, and in every health food store's shelf.

We believe in the healing power of nutrient-dense wholesome food and we practice this belief in our own household and our own daily life. During years of struggling with chronic conditions, my family and I learned the proper way of preparing and consuming a whole food diet and living a truly healthy lifestyle, and were finally able to overcome our health issues.

We learned that not all nutrient-dense foods are equal. Depending on the health of the soil they are grown in, the way they are harvested, and the way they are processed, and many other involved factors, they could be on the two ends of the spectrum of so called 'healthy superfood'. We now know where to find truly nutrition-packed food.

Another important factor is how well a human body is able to properly digest the food and supplements and absorb the nutrients. With all the commonality of gastrointestinal malfunction in today's society, this is an important factor to consider, because no matter how strong a supplement, if our body can not absorb it, it will pass right through without being used by the body.

Our Founder, Nakisa has a doctorate degree in the field of cell and molecular biology and did basic scientific research for 13 years, before switching to teaching at the college level in 2007. Because of her extensive academic and professional background, Nakisa is able to extract nutritional research information and distinguish between real and fake science and determine if a claim regarding the nutritional benefits of a food is true or not.

Nakisa has genuine concern about the lack of knowledge in general population on real healthy food and life style, and is worried about the alarming rise in chronic and neurological disorders in young children and its socioeconomic impact in the world. Nakisa is passionate about promoting the concept of "food as medicine" and is eager to educate families about the real healthy living.