Why Are We Different? – Nourishality

Why Are We Different?

"Let food be thy medicine"- Hippocrates

Nourishality Wellness Balls wholesome ingredients are carefully chosen to minimize the sugar rush and sugar crash (fatigue) rollercoaster effect. The combination of moderate protein and healthy fats, and low unprocessed sugar helps reduce this effect. No fillers, bulking agents, soy, corn, food colors/preservatives, nor any other additives are used. Every ingredient has a distinct nourishing effect on the body.

The high quality organic ingredients are mostly in their natural wholesome state or minimally processed to increase the potency and nutritional value of the food and make them easier to digest and absorb.

The Wellness Balls are made with sprouted and stoneground nuts and seeds, medicinal plants, potent spices/herbs, and other truly healthy clean ingredients, carefully picked from various sources. Sprouting will concentrate the nutrients in preparation for the seed’s optimal growth and low-heat stonegrounding preserves nutritional and enzymatic values of the food, both processes make these nuts and seeds easier to digest and breakdown. Medicinal plants and potent spices/herbs fuel every cell in the body and add diversity to the gut microbiome which is necessary to reach the ultimate state of health. 

Our “no-bake” goods are sweetened with organic medjool dates, raw unfiltered sustainable wild honey, 100% pure Canadian organic maple syrup, or organic monk fruit. These nutritious treats accommodate various dietary restrictions such as vegan, kept, paleo, and anti-inflammatory.

We are an Eco-friendly company and most of our food packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable. We respect animals, plants, and our planet Earth. We try to minimize our footprints by reducing household wastes and to leave a clean world behind for our future generation. We support small family farms and whenever possible, we purchase our products from fair-trade sources.